RBA Creative is a design, communications and consulting firm, which provides a comprehensive offering of services for corporate and nonprofit clients. Our creative services include graphic design for publications, corporate identity and branding, along with photography, web development and media production. From discrete projects to comprehensive campaigns, RBA's talented team of professionals can message, image and execute across multiple platforms. 


Our consulting practice includes work in the areas of the arts, economic and community development.  Built upon strong, cross-sectoral relationships and a deep repository of trust, we have developed specialties in community outreach and engagement for real estate development and municipal projects, program design and development, and managed arts integration. With RBA Creative, our clients are able to forge strong partnerships and reach diverse communities while providing innovative solutions to complex challenges.


  • Principal, Randolph Belle, founded the first art gallery in the now-bustling Oakland Uptown District in 1998- Oakland Art [dot] Com was a business development center for the arts, hosting critically acclaimed exhibits, providing printing and web services, and technical assistance to artists and arts organizations

  • Led the Arts and Culture program development team for the construction of the Ashland Youth Center, which included facilitating a year of meetings with youth, school and district officials, community based organizations and government agencies 

  • Participated on the team that facilitated a multi-million dollar community benefits agreement on the Bayview Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco, which included campaign design and development, community outreach, inter-agency coordination, meeting facilitation, technical assistance and reporting

  • Participated on the team that facilitated community benefits agreement on the Oak-to-Ninth Street Development (Brooklyn Basin), which included campaign design and development, community outreach, inter-agency coordination, meeting facilitation and technical assistance

  • Designed and implemented a community outreach and tenant attraction campaign for a St. Vincent DePaul retail development, Redux in Alameda, CA, which reached 80% capacity as a result.

  • Developed programming, outreach and communications materials for the offices of the presidents at Laney and Merritt Colleges in the Peralta Community College District, and developed a comprehensive communications and marketing strategy for Merritt College to recruit students from diverse communities

  • Directed a family/community art program called 100 Families, which provided arts activities and access to community resources to low-income neighborhood residents in four neighborhoods in Oakland- Fruitvale, East Oakland, West Oakland and Chinatown and included intensive community engagement, meeting facilitation and interagency coordination

  • Launched pilot 100 Families program in the Bayview Hunters Point area of San Francisco with funding through the United Way, with low-income residents at the Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club, Urban Services YMCA and Joseph Lee Recreation Center

  • Designed and produced marketing, communications and conference materials for the National Council of Black American Affairs, a national affiliate organization of the American Council of Community Colleges serving community college administrators

  • Led the technical assistance initiative InfoAlameda.org (not the current Urban Strategies Council initiative), an effort to coordinate government agencies, community based organizations and technical assistance consultants to implement training programs, which served over 3,000 nonprofit organizations in Alameda County